Getting Started

What do you need to get started with taiji?

Not a great deal really. The right attitude and some basic equipment you probably already have. If you are gripped by taiji you will probably want to get martial art pants or a uniform. The pants have a deep gusset in the legs to allow the most flexibility. The tops are constructed well, and also allow great flexibility. In colder weather you can layer t-shirts under the top etc. Taiji should be practiced out-doors as much as possible.

  • A resolve to begin daily practice.
  • A willingness to learn.

  • Comfortable pants and top (baggy leisure pants and t-shirt or taiji/kung fu pants and top)
  • Flat-soled shoes (e.g. Converse Chucks or Feiyue)
  • Cane (if you want to practice cane forms)
  • Colored sash if you are interested in grading
  • DVDs to help with learning (I recommend those by Master Jesse Tsao, seek link)
  • Taiji uniform $25-$65 (poly-cotton of different quality ... see tab on Taiji clothing for best deals)
  • Sash $10
  • Feiyue shoes $20 
  • Cane $30
  • Bang $30
  • DVDS $40 each
  • Total: $85-$155 + DVDs
If you practice daily you may want more than one taiji. You will sweat and the uniforms need to be laundered regularly. Hence poly-cotton are best because they launder well. You will also probably want to begin a library of taiji reference works.

Which DVDs to start?
  1. Tai Chi Fundamentals for Beginners
  2. Tai Chi Warm-Up 18 Forms
  3. Simplified Tai Chi 24 Form
You could practice well with these three DVDs for six months to a year.