Taijiquan Clothing

What to wear? I have secured a supplier of excellent taiji clothing for members of Way of Peace Taijiquan. These are better prices than anywhere on the net for the same quality. These tops and pants are great value, mostly 8.5 oz poly-cotton and wash well. I practice daily in these very ones! They have received a lot of wear and a lot of washing. The pants have elastic drawstring tie and elastic cuff at the ankles. Very full cut for ease of movement with 3-piece pant gusset.They are made by Bold Look, a premier supplier of martial art clothing. 

Prices: $28.00 a set 

Student sets in 8.5 oz poly-cotton.
Black or white

Student set contrasting fastener, black-white, white-black


Four inches wide, 120 inches long, poly-cotton for easy care, $7.00

If you are interested let me know. Dr. Andy Fitz-Gibbon