Sunday, August 15, 2010

Taijiquan on a long road trip

Sunrise Lake Fayetteville, AR
I have just returned from a three week, 3,371 miles, 16 State road trip to see the family. It was a wonderful time, and we got to see a great deal of America. We stayed in a variety of motel/hotels of varying qualities and it gave me ample time to experiment with taiji on the road, to practice in motel rooms, poolsides, and in parks and gardens. I didn't quite get to practice as much as I normally do, but managed almost and hour a day (usually some morning and evening practice). I had opportunity to study on wonderful book on qigong (more in another blog to follow). Things I learned:

  • You can practice taiji anywhere
  • It's good to have a store of forms that can be completed in a small place
  • Standing qigong is wonderful after a long day in the car. It deals with all the aches and pains of driving
  • Taiji is good before getting into the car for a long day driving!
  • Cramped circumstances gave me more opportunity to focus on the individual elements of a form (what does each knee feel like? how deep is the belly breathing? how is the qi moving today? etc)

All in all, a great trip and glad to be doing taiji.


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  1. Great Andy. Glad you had a marvelous trip. What in the world is taiji. Have never heard of it before!