Sunday, September 5, 2010

Taiji and the flu

It started on Tuesday. Bit of a sore throat beginning. Aching a bit here and there. Worse on Wednesday. Played squash. Very achy afterward. Thursday voice beginning to go. Friday "rough as an old boot"! But it was first week of classes so I went in to teach and attend some important committees. Not well at all. Canceled squash. Friday I also missed my morning practice. Spent a longer time soaking in the hot tub.
Saturday I managed some gentle qigong and felt energized. For a while only. Worse than Friday. 
This morning an hour and a quarter qigong. Felt much better during and after the practice than when I woke. Voice still very gruff. Also, I used some acupressure on points related to colds and flu.
I have come to the view that regular daily qigong/taiji practice is helpful in warding off illness. This year, the little bug is the first that has knocked me sideways. I was hoping to avoid it altogether. So, modified belief. Qigong/taiji practice does not make you invulnerable to illness. However, in that the practice is an all over body-mind-spirit workout that brings general wellness, daily practice is a good thing.
Also, this was the first time since serious taiji study and practice that I have had such energy depletion. Apart from Friday when I was really rough and did not practice beside some breathing mediation (laying in bed) my practice did bring a renewal of energy. I felt that particularly so this morning. Conclusion: gentle gigong while sick does make a difference in qi levels. It is also possible that during the practice, negative qi is released, thus contributing to well-being.
Acupressure also seemed helpful. Here is the link.
Acupressure Points for Colds and Flu

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