Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Final sessions and return

The final three sessions of the training were push hands. What a lot I learned! And what a lot of fun. During the nine hours of pushing hands I partnered with a lot of different people, and learned from them all. To this point I had only pushed hands with my own students. It was a delight to play with those who were much more skilled than I. Overall, I discovered that I have a very strong root, but that my skill level is quite low. I learned that however rooted and centered I felt, Master Jesse (and his senior students —now my friends) could always destabilize me. So much room for improvement! Master Jesse taught us a number of techniques that helped keep our own center, while finding our partner's center. Listening to your own body as well as your partner's is quite fun.
Reflecting on the planes on the way home I realize that during the week of intensive training I learned so much that will take a good while to digest and integrate into my practice. I hope I can embody my Chen family name and "fly like a bird."

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