Wednesday, December 31, 2014

A resolution for 2015? Try tai chi!

It's the time of year to make resolutions (and hopefully not to break them too soon!) It seems most of the new year resolutions relate to health, or weight, or exercise. Many are probably too unrealistic to "stick." Nonetheless, we use the new year to take stock. So, why not try tai chi?
Five years ago this week I began to keep a daily record of my taiji practice. I suppose it was part of a new year resolution to take my practice more seriously. Since I began my daily journal I have completed over 2,200 hours of taiji, and many more hours studying and teaching taiji and ancient Chinese philosophy. That averages about an hour and twelve minutes a day. It's been quite a journey and I'm still loving it.
If you're tempted to start here's a few things I have learned:
1. Taiji is "easy" but it's not easy. Anyone can begin a taiji practice, get many benefits and much enjoyment from day one. It's as easy as taking a breath, making a step, or raising an arm or two. Easy! But after you have taken that first breath or first step you realize that this simple stuff is not easy at all.
2. You don't need any special equipment or go to any special place. You do your taiji right where you are. So it's relatively cheap!
3. It improves your balance, flexibility, strength, and concentration.
4. You get to know your body, and it's patterns and rhythms.
5. If you want something absorbing, that takes a lifetime to truly master, that has infinite variety, taiji fits the bill.
6. Also, you meet some really nice people who are taiji players!
What's not to love about it? So, go on give it a try!

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