Saturday, March 27, 2010

Flowing days and awkward days

Some days practice flows. Some days practice is awkward.

Today was very awkward. Not at all in balance. Nothing felt right.

If I was in Star Wars, I would say, "There is a disturbance in the force, Master."

Of course, it could just be that some days are better than others (period). No need for further explanation. But I am prone to introspection and notice that yesterday there were a number of professional and personal issues playing on my mind. Also, I have a mild tummy upset. All set to make me "out of balance."

So, what is the deal with "balance."

I am thinking not only of physical balance, though that was off today, but the whole balance of life. When I am balanced I feel better about myself, about life, about everything. When I am out of balance I am not my best for others. And being my best for others is very important to me.

Tai chi is helping in two ways:

  1. When I am out of balance, my tai chi is off. It is a clear sign for me that something is not right and that I need to find the source of the imbalance.
  2. Tai chi helps immensely in giving a greater sense of balance and restoring it when it goes askew. There is a particular chi kung practice, "opening chi," that I have found very helpful. Basically, it is a flowing, circular movement with the arms, as the waist rotates from side to side. Very restorative. I will eventually post some videos to reference the practice I talk about.


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